Where to Get Free Dental Help

With restricted access to dental insurance coverage, oral health issues, particularly amongst grownups, these treatments are frequently reserved. How one can ignore oral discomforts is beyond creativity, actually clenching one's teeth is the only option, as getting some dental treatment can cost ...

50 Must-Know Fitness Tips to Score Your Best Body

Stick to It for 2 Weeks If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days. A University of Florida study discovered that people who modified their workouts twice a month were more likely than to stick to their plans compared to those who changed their regimens whenever ...

5 Great Moves to Get Your Arms Ready for Summer

When it comes to getting great arms, you don’t always have to work just your limbs. “Too much direct muscle training throws the body out of balance,” explains celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, who founded the L.A.-based climber studio Rise Nation and works with clients such as Alison Brie and Mandy ...