Sun’s Out, Let the Sunburn Out: Tips for Faster Sunburnt Skin Healing

Summer is a great season. Sunlight has amazing skin benefits and also good lighting features. Sunny days are productive days. What all these have in similarity is warmth and hotness. It’s a time of sweaty people, more tired bodies and jackets off outfits. People like going to the beach to be one with the sea and so much more with the sun. These are the days when most people are out of their houses, doing errands and paying attention to responsibilities or having fun, relaxing and staying out to make the most out of the sun because whenever it rains or the storm rages, everyone’s plans and actions get limited and postponed.

…but another thing that people like you can get during this season and these situations is a sunburnt skin. You probably experienced getting a red face after a day of swimming in an uncovered swimming pool or seeing someone’s back has portions which are asymmetrically or differently colored than other areas.

According to Dermatogica, a sunburn is the skin response to extreme ultraviolet exposure and denotes serious damage. You might think that “sunburn” is ordinary and only an aftereffect of being exposed to the sun for a lengthy period of time, but it isn’t really just that. A sunburn is a radiation burn, as unlikely as a sunburnt skin looks like.  

How are sunburns treated and.prevented? What shall you do to get away of them  with a fresh skin.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

It is very important that after getting sunburn, you do something to hinder it from becoming worse and damaging your skin more and more. It may not remove the inflammation and the pain completely all at once in an instant, but it will help lessen them. The discomfort and soreness will at least be decreased.

The use of such drugs must be consistent so that the burn will gradually feel better until it goes back to normal. Such medications could be in the form of creams, aloe vera and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and naproxen. With these remedies, swelling and the burning sensation can be soothe. Irritation will also be avoided if it is immediately countered.

Bathe Cool – Not Warm, Not Cold

Your sunburn is already a burn, so bathing in hot or warm water will only burn it even more. If you use cold water however, your skin might be disturbed since it just came from a high temperature. Read How are sunburns treated to get surburn solution in an easy way.

If you were exposed to a swimming pool, your skin surely has become dry because chemicals in it, most especially chlorine, have hazardous properties which are good for the water in the swimming pool but not for people’s skin. Bathing with cool water will appease the burn as it aids in taking off the chlorine. Also make sure that you don’t stay in the shower room for more than 20 minutes. Too much soaking isn’t healthy too; it can entirely take away all the moisture that is left in your dry, sunburnt skin.

Set Aside Your Skincare Routine

You might be used to a daily skincare routine which you have been applying for a long time already. For you, its effectivity and its quality are without a doubt authentic and rewarding, as proven and tested by you. Even if that’s the case, getting sunburnt makes all the difference because this time, you may need to keep back that routine for a while until your skin has reached downright healing and recovery.

Why? A sunburnt skin’s sensitivity is far greater than that which is in a normal condition. Your skin is onto the process of restoration and refreshening from being destructed. Your skin might get pestered by the components of your facial creams and lotions. Even as simple as your simplest face masks might not be friendly and simple for your damaged skin. Also, some might contain harsh chemicals which are bearable for your normal skin only but not for injured ones.

Consume More Water

Sunburn is skin deep. It is not just what eyes can see on the surface of the body. You can get dried out after being exposed to too much sun and heat. That’s the same thing actually when you experience sunburn; you can also get dehydrated on the inside, so drinking water is necessary. Water is the most important liquid for the human body in and out, and in such times, it also is the best to hydrate.

Dampness in the skin is taken out and up by the sun’s heat, and you know not. Other liquids, especially the stronger and the sweet ones, are not helpful for the skin to recover. Aside from water, sports drinks with recharging features can also pass for consumable liquids.

Take Your Hands Off

It is very hard to resist touching the affected skin, but it is vital because the hands can do so much. Medications and water might not work so well and so wholly if you yourself (your hands themselves) ruin the plan!

Do not pop blisters. Doing so, you’re putting your skin into more danger and more chances of getting even more hurtful, damaged and even closer to infections. Cover them with bandages so that if your hands can’t help, maybe the blisters can just adjust. Make the blisters breathe at night by unconcealing them.

Do not peel off your skin when you see it peeling off already. It’s normal for the skin to experience peeling off since it is how the body can discard damaged cells that might become even more tainted, getting the possibility of turning cancerous. If you insist to pull the skin forcefully, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll also pull off some skin which are still intact and are not good-to-go off its home. Healthy segments of the skin gets implicated, thus, damaged too; you’ll know it’s the healthy skin you’ve brought to misery if you suddenly felt a little pain and worse if it’s already bleeding.  Surely, you will regret forcefully peeling off your skin after it has left a scar that will stay forever.

Choose Loose

Sunburnt skin area is a “no touch” zone because it hurts when it gets in contact or in too much contact with anything, most especially when it comes to clothes. There are fabric types which are too sharp and rough for the skin. Avoid wearing those types as they will be very uncomfortable for the sunburnt area.

Wearing tight clothes won’t help as the skin is still trying to recover. Blood flow will be obstructed if you wear tight clothes and those that stick and cling to the skin. If the skin becomes in contact with irritating materials, blisters, swelling and itching might be triggered. Loose clothes are better for the skin to be able to breathe freely; the burning sensation will be lessened if air can flow well too.

Keep Away From Mr. Sun

This might be the easiest thing to do. If it’s the sun that caused you sunburn, keep away from it or at least do something to avoid it like avoiding staying in uncovered areas and wearing clothes that cover you so well plus a cap, an umbrella or shades/sunglasses.

Too much sun exposure is bad, and that becomes a double “too much” since you’ve already been burnt the first time if ever.

Visit Doctor Sometimes

If a serious need arises such as worsening and lengthy healing and skin improvement, visit the doctor for a check-up and prescription. Your sunburn might have gotten infected or worst, it might be something graver.


The skin is very essential and precious. It covers everything of the human body, and it seems very strong because it does that! However, it also is prone to some damage due to external factors to which it gets exposed. Sometimes those factors are unavoidable, but sometimes, people are just too lazy or stubborn to avoid them. You can use different effective DIY methods for bleaching the skin and removing the tan later.

Again, sunburn is skin deep, and not just what’s on the surface of the skin. The damage that it can cause if it turns out worse can be unpredictable since skin isn’t just what we see. There are parts of it which are unseen by the naked eye.

It is very very very important to do something and not ignore it when you have sunburnt skin. Don’t underestimate the skin and its relationship with the sun because sunburns can also lead to weightier conditions like infections and even skin cancer. Be more careful of your skin as it loves you.

Author Bio:

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. Because of the course she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be all the glory”

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